Since the last update, the party has:

  • Bought passage on the lightning rail to Korranberg
  • Met up with Zeb, Captain of the goblin ship Withered Claw
  • Gone on an under-cover mission to Darguun
  • Recovered a magic stone from a Khyber Cult there
  • Returned the stone to Xenophon
  • Traveled to the Shadow Marches in search of a missing operative
  • Rescued the operative from yet another Khyber Cult

Some passing observations:

  • All of the missions Xenophon has given the party have somehow involved cults of the Dragon Below
  • None of the missions Xenophon has given the party have had much if anything to do with Zilargoan security
  • Safety is not guaranteed
The Dragon's Crown
2nd Session

The party arrive at their safe house in the small village of Hatheril and meet their local contact, the halfling Herrod. Before very long, they receive orders from Xenophon to investigate rumors of cult activity at an ancient stone circle known as the Dragon Crown. When they arrive, they find a nasty band of kobolds have taken up residence in the caverns below the monument. They descend into the tunnels to look around and walk straight into the kobolds’ trap. After a bloody fight, our party prevails and they find some neat stuff.

Out of the Hole
Out of the Hole

Six strangers, thrown together by fate and the Breland penal system happen upon a strange shrine while mining for dragon shards. Though shackled together, the heroes manage to fend off the shrine’s guardians and attempt an escape from imprisonment. Unsuccessful in the latter effort, they do manage to impress (and bloody) a secret agent. As a result, they are granted pardons in exchange for service to the Trust, the intelligence agency of the nation of Zilargo. Where will their first mission take them? No really, I don’t know. Where will it take them? Anybody?


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