Since the last update, the party has:

  • Bought passage on the lightning rail to Korranberg
  • Met up with Zeb, Captain of the goblin ship Withered Claw
  • Gone on an under-cover mission to Darguun
  • Recovered a magic stone from a Khyber Cult there
  • Returned the stone to Xenophon
  • Traveled to the Shadow Marches in search of a missing operative
  • Rescued the operative from yet another Khyber Cult

Some passing observations:

  • All of the missions Xenophon has given the party have somehow involved cults of the Dragon Below
  • None of the missions Xenophon has given the party have had much if anything to do with Zilargoan security
  • Safety is not guaranteed


Did any of the criminals think that safety would be guaranteed? With two dead, the original crew was down to 3 and since that mission, the Karrnathi Warlord went AWOL and the Swordmage is being reassigned for breaking the Trust’s trust by revealing their involvement to the Artificer found in the cave.


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